Hi! I'm Kelly Johnson.

I'm an apostolic oneness pentecostal who was converted in my 30's. I'm an experienced business developer, a one on one business coach, an author of a girl boss inspirational guide book along with a bunch of planners and log books, and a short analogy book on the oneness of God. I'm also the founder and host of the Apostolic Girl Boss podcast.

I started the Apostolic Girl Boss brand to celebrate the achievements of all of the Apostolic women, young and old, who are working independently, to financially help their families. The brand was created as a space for us to fellowship and gain encouragement, tools, inspiration, and help. 

Since my early twenties, I have been blessed to spend a lot of time with extremely successful business mentors that have taught me many things that I would love to teach you. 

I'd love to invite you to book a phone session with me!


Currently my services include:

  • Social Media/Websites
  • Business Coaching
  • Recruiting Help/Staff Training
  • Branding help
  • Sales Help
  • Marketing Help
  • Negotiation help


A few of my past clients include:

  • Beth D. Baus - LMFT, Author, Professor at Wilson University, Conference Speaker, Marriage Retreat Speaker & Owner of Our Healthy Families
  • Amber & Josiah Aston - Founder of Wilson Academy Online
  • Sonya Bryant - Owner of Zadie B's Fashions Online and 4 Store Locations
  • Jeff & Jeanette Hoffer - Founder and Owners of Holy Ghost Radio
  • Jerry & Darlene Figueroa - Travel Advisors, Owners of Apostolics At Sea & Figueroa travel.


Here are a few client testimonials:

"After Kelly designed our new website, we saw an instant conversion rate of 4.14%. The industry rate is 1.84%. Kelly tripled our business! Her staffing expertise helped us strategically hire and train staff for our stores. She prepared our inventory and store logistics for the planned upsurge in web orders. I went from owning 2 brick and mortar stores to 4 stores. We also recently purchase a new warehouse, all within just 2 years of consistently working with Kelly." Sonya Bryant, Zadie B's Fashions


"In 6 months of working with Kelly, my business became more polished and my income doubled." Beth D. Baus, Our Healthy Families


"Kelly's advice is right on point. Hiring Kelly was one of the best things we've done for our company." Josiah & Amber Aston, Wilson Academy Online 


"Kelly gave me great advice on how to grow my business and keep what works and get rid of what doesn't. Great strategy, thanks again!" Jeff Hoffer, Holy Ghost Radio


"Kelly set up on of our accounts and grew it exponentially, time 3. She taught and gave us clear instruction on how to run it ourselves after that. She is a valuable resource and leader." Jerry Figueroa, Figueroa Travel & Apostolics At Sea